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7 Gables Resort is the go-to dining and lodging destination at Georgetown Lake.


"The Gables" has a new ownership team as of late 2019. We are dedicated to ensuring our guests continue having an idealistic experience; and improving upon what the prior owners built. 


7 Gables Resort was established in the 1950’s in a building that stood across the road from it’s present location. 


The building that now houses the business was used as a brothel before a fire destroyed the original 7 Gables Resort in 1953. 


We’ve heard the original resort had an underground parking garage which was connected to the brothel by a tunnel that ran under the road.  Men who didn’t want to be seen entering the building would park in the garage and use the tunnel. 


The configuration of three small rooms in the second story of the existing building provides sound evidence that it was indeed a

bordello at one time. 


We’ve never found any physical evidence to support the story about the underground parking garage and or tunnel.

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